We find the best beats and instrumentals available on the Internet and put them in charts.

We scan all popular platforms and beat stores where beats get countable and calculated metrics.

We use several criteria and algorithms to filter beats and get the most popular and liked ones.

We publish charts every week. Every platform has a dedicated chart.

The mixed (aggregated) chart combines all charts from all platforms of the same date and provides throughout sorting by a single criterion for all the list.

The default sorting criterion is plays/likes ratio. Charts could also be sorted by other metrics: plays rate, likes rate, total plays, etc.

Every track (author) has linked to the originating platform. If you are ready for buying/leasing any beat from a chart - follow the track`s links.

Considering the overwhelming and growing number of beats and instrumentals available on the Internet, top charts could save a lot of time and efforts for those artists who look for the most qualitative and users’ estimated beats.

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