There is a set (drum) of 5 randomly selected beats from different beatmakers.
The drum of beats is exposed for voting just for one day.
Only registered users can vote.
Only the single beat from a set can be rated.
No results are revealed before a voting session is closed.
The track title and author name could be blurred to minimize biasing and “name influencing”.
The most liked beat is to be posted as a “best shot” of the day on the next day drum page.
Best beats of the day can be formed into a monthly chart sorted by likes.
The best beat of the month will be posted as a promoted beat on the main page for a month.

Submit a beat.
If you have your beat posted on some of beat store platforms – just provide the link.

After your beat is selected, it will be exposed for voting for a day.

If it gets the most likes – it will become the “best shot” of the day.
Best shot of the day will be posted for the next day (24 h) on the beat revolver page and on our social media channels.

Best shots of the day form the monthly chart.
Top 5 beats of the monthly chart will be promoted on our main page and on our social media channels for free.

Listen to the beats from a set (drum). Choose the one, you consider the best, and vote (like) for it.
You can vote once for a drum.
After the vote is recorded it can not be canceled or withdrawn.
You have to listen every beat at least for 30 seconds. All the beats you liked can be formed in a playlist of your favorite beats.
Every vote adds a point to your account.
More points – more rewards.